GIT Snack: missing buttons in Team Explorer

Case I can commit and sync, but where are the GIT buttons Pull Request, Work Items and Builds in my Visual Studio's Team Explorer? Missing 3 Git buttons: Pull Request, Work Items and Builds Solution You are not connected to the project in GIT. L…


Bug: Script Task - Cannot load script for execution

Case My Script Tasks are running fine in Visual Studio 2017, but when deployed to the catalog I get an error in all Script Tasks: Cannot load script for execution Error: Cannot load script for execution Solution There is a bug in SSDT for Visual Stu…


Where is the new SSIS project type?

Case I just downloaded the new SSDT for Visual Studio 2017 (15.3.0 preview) and although I selected Integration Services during installation it isn't showing in the New Project window. SSDT for Visual Studio 2017 (15.3.0 preview) Solution You p…


Use Visual Studio 2012 for SSIS 2012

Case I want to use Visual Studio 2012 to edit my SSIS packages, but during installation of Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012 ,  I get an error: Rule "Same architecture installation" failed. The …


Multiple Configurations in SSDT

Case In the SSIS Catalog we have the ability to configure for several environments by creating multiple environments (one for development, one for test), but how do we easily switch environments in SSDT while developing? Multiple environments Solut…

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