Power Apps Snack: Don't repeat yourself

Case I have some pieces of code in my Power App that I use for several buttons, but I don't want to create multiple copies of that code. Is there a way to create a method or function with custom code that I can call from various buttons? Power A…


Power Apps Snack: Loop through combobox items

Case I want get the product ID's of all selected items from my combobox in Power Apps, but the DisplayFields property of the combobox only shows the product name. How do I get the corresponding ID's? Mulitselect ComboBox in Power Apps Soluti…


Power Apps: Get next item from gallery

Case I am using a gallery on my overview page to see all records and on my details page I want a button to go to the next item from my gallery without first going back to my overview page. Generated App with dynamic Next button Solution For this exa…


Power Apps: Add Microsoft Flow to delete records

Case In a previous post you wrote that Microsoft Flow could help to delete records with my PowerApps. How do you add a Flow to PowerApps? PowerApps ♥ Flow Solution To add a new Flow to PowerApps we have two options. First could go to Microsoft Flow…


Power Apps Snack: Pass values to other screen

Case I want to navigate to a new screen and get a value from the calling screen to filter a specific record on that new screen. Most examples (including 'Start from data') filter a record with the selected item from a specific gallery (on a…


Power Apps: Introduce Power Apps for Power BI

Case With PowerApps, Microsoft brought a new element to the existing world of reporting and dashboarding inside the Microsoft BI stack. For example, you can connect and customize your data using PowerApps. How does this work and how can you use Powe…


Power Apps Snack: Replace Textbox by Drop down

Case I generated an app with Microsoft PowerApps, but I want to replace the generated textbox on a foreign key field (integer) with a Drop Down with values from the related table. This would make the form much more usable. How do I accomplish this i…

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