Power Apps Snack: Refresh Power BI (automatically)

A while ago we blogged about the integration of PowerApps and Power BI. This allows you to change data from within your Power BI report! One downside was that you still had to refresh the Power BI data manually (or by using the API and Flow). How can you automate the refresh?
The new PowerApps Visualization in Power BI

Microsoft recently updated PowerApps with the ability to refresh Power BI. Now you can add the refresh command PowerBIIntegration.Refresh() right after your SubmitForm or Patch command. That is all!

Note: For me it didn't work for existing PowerApps. I had to create a new PowerApp to get the refresh option available. We will follow up on that.
Update 25-03-2019: The Refresh() function gets added to PowerApps from the visual on creation. Therefore it will not be available for existing PowerApps. The workaround for now is creating a new app and then copy and paste the items from the existing app. Please upvote this uservoice request.

Refresh without clicking on the Refresh button in Power BI

Finally we have an even better integration of PowerApps and Power BI. No more clicking on refresh buttons. Also note the new PowerApps Visualization in Power BI. It got a total makeover with some handy explanations about the integration of both tools. See the top picture. Also see this link for more PowerApps updates

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