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e-book: Windows Virtual Desktop Migration Guide for Remote Desktop Services

I authored the e-book Windows Virtual Desktop Migration Guide for Remote Desktop Services. This boo…

Using Azure Durable Functions with Azure Data Factory - HTTP Long Polling

(2020-Dec-21 )   While working with Azure Functions that provide a serverless environment to run my…

Parallels RAS integration with Windows Virtual Desktop!

Recently Parallels announced version 18 of their Remote Application Server (RAS) product is coming …

MSIX app attach WVD integration, my first test drive!

I had the privilege to test drive the integration of MSIX app attach in the Azure portal at an ea…

Putting Project ‘Bicep’​ 0.2 to the test, a WVD deployment use case

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article on my first experiences with Project ‘Bicep’. Back then…

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